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Ready to get fit? Blackbox Fitness Studio is the perfect place to reach your fitness goals. We offer a total rounded fitness experience by incorporating multiple formats, with daily new formats and batch formats. Our experienced coaches will guide you through the complete routine each day. Come and join The Best Gyms In Nagpur.

Our Team.

Welcome to Blackbox Fitness Studio - the home of a passionate and diverse team of fitness professionals. Our team combines a wealth of experience in functional training, sports fitness, powerlifting, MMA and nutritional science, providing us with the richness of knowledge to help our clients reach their fitness goals.


Experience a revolutionary approach to fitness at Blackbox Fitness Studio! Our unique batch format ensures individual attention, with a mix of strength training, MMA, calisthenics, stretching, and endurance training to challenge you both mentally and physically. With over 20 years of experience in multiple formats, a specialized weight loss program, and a commitment to making fitness fun, Blackbox Fitness Studio is the perfect place to reach your goals.

Formats We Use To Keep You Fit...

strength Training, endurence training, gym, weight training, weight loss, inch loss
Crossfit, functional training,compound exercises, endurence
Kickboxing, mma. boxing, karate, martial arts, self defence, weapon training
Pilates, streching, yoga, flexibility

Strength Training

Improved muscle and bone density, increased metabolic rate, improved posture and improved balance and coordination. A great tool for Fat loss and body sculpting.

Functional Training

This type of exercise  focuses on improving the body's ability to perform everyday movements more efficiently. It improved mobility, increased strength and endurance and improved performance in everyday activities. It help you develop core stability and boost overall energy levels.

MMA / Boxing

Improved strength and endurance, improved coordination and balance, increased flexibility, and improved mental focus. Additionally, our MMA classes are designed to help you build self-confidence and resilience.


Stretching can increase flexibility and improve your joints' range of motion, helping you move more freely. And ensuring that you have equal flexibility on both sides might help protect you from injury.


Black Box Fitness Studio

Abhyankar Nagar Rd, Above Food Maholla Rest.

 Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

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